Welcome to the Tiwi Islands Regional Council

The Tiwi Islands Shire Council was created under legislation by the Northern Territory Government in July 2008 and now administers the two Tiwi islands, Bathurst and Melville, and the communities of Wurrumiyanga, Wurankuwu, Milikapiti (Snake Bay) and Pirlangimpi (Garden Point), as well as a number of smaller outstations on both islands.
The Tiwi Islands Regional Council was enabled under legislation passed by the Northern Territory Government in January 2014.

Recent Publications

Call for nominations for vacancies in Local Authorities
Local Authorities

Information on the Wurankuwu By-Election
Wurankuwu By-Election 2014

Council Budget 2014-15, Strategic Plan, Rates Declaration
and List of Fees and Charges 2014-15
2014 Workforce Development Plan
Council Documents

News on Regional Councils

Under recent State Government legislation, Council Local Boards have been reconstituted as Local Authorities under the auspice of the Tiwi Islands Regional Council.

Tiwi Traditions

"Ngawa kukunari ngini nuwa awungarra kapi nginingawula murrakupuni. Awi.
We are happy that you are here in our country, in our land. Talking to everybody "

Tiwi Greeting